How did the Statue of Liberty get to New York Harbor? According to legend, it was a gift from France. However, the reality could be very different. Recently the ruins of an identical statue have been discovered on the far side of the Moon, except that instead of a torch she holds up a giant lollipop. Astronomers suspect that the entire universe is littered with similar statues. (Interestingly, however, they can only sustain this theory while their nose is being twisted, otherwise they feel unable.) But let’s see under what circumstances the Statue of Liberty arrived at its current site. On the morning of October 28, 1886, New Yorkers jumped out of bed to find with astonishment that during the night a colossal statue had appeared on Bedloe’s island. Latimer Inglerland, who had been fishing the previous evening on the deserted island, assured that when he left in his boat at dusk he saw a bright light in the sky. “I thought it intended to steal my fishing, so I began to row frantically. Upon reaching Battery Park I looked back and saw a gigantic woman descending from a bright cloud with her arm raised. I was afraid it was my wife brandishing the rolling pin. From a distance it was not clearly distinguished. Maggie is very bulky, you know? So I ran and didn’t look back. Felt chased all the time. Now I have nightmares.”

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