There is a medieval manuscript from the mid or late 19th century (in any case, under Queen Victoria) where the following extraordinary account can be read: “I was herding sheep near Cornwall when I saw a spark falling from the sky. Shortly after I was taking a nap and I heard someone call my name: Rigorigus! Rigorigus! I turned and saw a ten-foot-tall creature emerging from some kind of large metal sphere parked behind me. The greenish-blue giant was pulling a cart full of books. He addressed me in my own language but with a strong extraterrestrial accent: ‘Rigorigus, I have a great offer for you,’ he said and showed me one of the books. ‘The Great Anunnaki Encyclopedia in thirty volumes with a gift Anunnaki doll. You wouldn’t believe what a bargain it is. Only seven Suffolk sheep. What do you say?’ I told him I couldn’t read. “The one who wrote the encyclopedia couldn’t write either, so you’re two of a kind.” This argument convinced me and I accepted the deal. The giant took the sheep and disappeared into the sphere that moments later was ascending vertically at an astonishing speed. “

The monk who took a statement from this witness adds in red ink on the side of the page: “Typical example of the scam that now proliferates in these lands. Alien charlatans! Why don’t they just stay home?”

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