Detroit, mid-2019. A woman kills her husband to collect on the insurance policy, but the Insurer kills the woman so that she does not collect it. Immediately afterwards, the Insurer’s offices are filled with ghosts. On the one hand, there is the ghost of the woman and friends, wishing to take revenge on the insurance company. On the other hand, the ghost of the husband and friends in search of revenge on the woman. There’s also the ghost of Rabbi Aaron Weinstein, who doesn’t want to miss the show. From that moment on, the Insurer’s offices undergo some weird phenomena. Jack Morris, a clerk who hasn’t done a lick of work since he was set up, suddenly becomes employee of the month, shortly after employee of the year and shortly after becomes an amphibian and moves to Detroit Lake. On the other hand, Timothy Palance, who has been a model employee for 16 years, climbs onto a table from which he refuses to get off unless the President of the United States asks him to do so. That’s the only table in the Company (to save on office expenses, clerks work in shifts) and the presence of the employee on top of it is a major nuisance. A message is sent to the White House, but President Trump refuses to go to Detroit unless his lunch is paid for by the Insurer. But the Company refuses to bear such expense, so the insurance adjuster Sam Robkowitz impersonates President Trump and gets the rogue employee off the table. Robkowitz’s impersonation is so good that it deceives the televisions, which broadcast the event live. In the White House, the President’s most trusted advisors see the opportunity they were waiting for and, with the aid of the FBI, they switch the goods, arranging for Robkowitz to run the country, and kicking the real President out.


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