The other day I went to the laundry. I put a white sheet in the washing machine, put the coins in, and sat down to wait. A weird man was sitting there next to me. You know those guys that gives the heebie-jeebies? I started reading, and when I read I really shut myself off from everything. So when I looked up from the book, the washing machine had already stopped and the weird guy was gone. I pulled my white sheet out of the washer and, damn it, there were two holes the size of a coin! I complain to the manager: “Hey, your machine pierces the clothes.” And the insolent brute says laughing: “Don’t talk nonsense, ma’am. It’s a washing machine, not a drill.” I show him the pierced sheet. “You must have brought it from home like this” he says. In short, we got into a big argument. And then suddenly, the weird guy pops up out of nowhere! And he’s holding my sheet! “Man, this sheet is mine!” I yell at him, and he throws the sheet in my face and grabs the pierced one. And then there is a puff and the man vanishes right in front of me!

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