(CONT’D) The news aroused the interest of the two partners of Enigma Consultants S. L. who, suspecting an unprecedented enigma hidden behind those odd events, secluded themselves at home to follow the news of the case on the radio. However, Mayor LaGuardia hired their services granting them special permission to enter the park, which had been cordoned off by the police. Not only did he give them permission to enter, but he forced them to remain inside, despite vigorous protests and threats of lawsuits from their part.
Michael and Jacob found tracks in the snow: traces of a wolf or maybe a giant Pekingese dog. What was clear was that the traces were those of a single animal with four paws or of two animals with two paws each or of four animals with only one paw each. As the night began to settle over them, Michel and Jacob backed up to the entrance, but the mayor kept the gate closed. Again, their pleas were worth nothing: the mayor warned them that he would not let them out until they solved the enigma. Suddenly there was a chilling howl, a kind of wail that made everybody shudder. It was Michael and Jacob weeping. Afterwards, they heard steps approaching and quickly adopted a tactic they had learned in the navy: they smeared each other with mud and pretended to be statues, Michael, that of a ballerina; Jacob, that of a cactus. They remained like that, petrified for a few minuts, until suddenly they saw what later would describe as a wolf with the face of Edgar Hoover or Edgar Hoover himself posing as a wolf. When the werewolf was far enough away, they ran towards the park entrance, clung to the gate and squealed and shouted declaring to have solved the enigma.
Although no more nightly howls were heard again in the park after the declaration of the two consultants, the resolution of this case did not convince all the authorities, especially the director of the FBI, Edgar Hoover, who included Michael Schlimazl and Jacob Schlemihl in his list of “persons suspected of subversive activities”.

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