The two partners of Enigma Consultants S.L., wait in a luxurious lobby of a Fifth Avenue’s mansion.“What are we doing here, Michael?”“Coming to the aid of a client in distress.”A butler interrupts, inviting them to accompany him. They climb marble steps and cross through a labyrinth of luxurious rooms. Finally they arrive to a large office where a middle-aged man is pacing the floor with concerned face. Mr. J. K. Southborn invites them in:“Ah, gentlemen! You come from that enigmatic agency, right? I’m glad you’re here. Lately my life has become a nightmare… We are all terrified, that’s the harsh reality. This is the reason why I love seeing you so much.” And looking at them with a meaningful look: “What do you know about the devil?”“What has my nephew done now?” exclaims Jacob.“Devil, Jacob! Not Nevil!”“What has the devil done now?”“To answer your question, Mr. Southborn,” Michael interferes, “we know about the devil everything necessary to solve any enigma related to it.”“And about the lettuce?” Mr. Southborn queries raising an eyebrow above his head.“I love it with cucumbers,” says Jacob. “It seems to me that Mr. Southborn has no interest in our culinary tastes, Jacob. Am I wrong Mr. Southborn?” Mr. Southborn is losing patience:“You still haven’t answered my question, gentlemen!”“Same answer as before: ‘We know about lettuces everything necessary to solve any enigma related to them’.” “Such as: ‘Why do lettuces turn black?’,” adds Jacob. “Exactly,” Michael assents.Mr. Southborn’s face suddenly twists in a pained grimace, and he bends slamming shut like a book: “I mean the diabolical lettuce that is sowing panic in the mansions of Fifth Avenue!” he shouts in one breath.“Oh, THAT lettuce!” Michael and Jacob exclaim almost simultaneously. (TO BE CONTINUED)

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