(CONT’D) Michael notices the-man-in-the-sailor-cap’s absence. “Where did he go?!” he asks peering about, his eyes bulging out.“Gone to eat gherkins in Arkansas!” Jacob answers. “Are you sure he hasn’t jumped into the water?” “100% sure! I was staring at him! Suddenly there was a ‘plop’ and he vanished!” “This case sucks!” says Michael, and at that very moment, the man in the sailor cap comes back out of nowhere, his mouth brimming with pickles. “Grab it, Jacob!” Michael yells. Jacob lunges at the-man-in-the-sailor-cap and grasps him tightly by one arm. But oh dear, the other arm is being pulled in the opposite direction by an unseen force! Michael and Tommy Grunter join Jacob in his effort to withhold the-man-in-the-sailor-cap. It’s a weird tug of war: three human beings versus an invisible creature with the strength of three men. Suddenly there is a tear, a loud ‘plop’, and the human side of the rope fall backwards. Jacob is still holding the arm of the-man-in-the-sailor-cap. But alas, the arm is all that remains of him!

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