Cinema was born in Paris, specifically on December 28, 1895, in a room in the basement of a “Café” on the Boulevard des Capucines. The happy parents were brothers (but we will overlook this incestuous union), the brothers Louis and Auguste Lumière. The Lumière were photographers. But Auguste had a longing: that the photos he took be put into motion. He spent hours leaning over the photo of a baby, whispering to him “Psst! Psst! ” in the hope that he would turn at hearing him. But the baby did not move a single muscle, which angered Auguste, because he was convinced that the baby heard him, only he didn’t feel like turning. Fortunately Louis, who was an engineer, took pity on his brother and decided to invent a machine capable of making the baby turn. This is how he got the first movie: ‘Repas de bébé’ (Baby’s Breakfast). And he called this machine a cinematograph.

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