Judging from the reaction of the Zeta Reculans (also known as ‘the Rockwell grays’ or simply ‘the grays’) when I mentioned the anunnaki, it seems that theorists of ancient astronauts are more than right when they claim that Earth was once the amusement park of various races of aliens. It seems they are also right in affirming that, on several occasions, such races have even get physical with each other, thus turning our planet into a battlefield. For we read in the “Pirilindongi Vashad” as follows: “Suddenly five chariots of fire were seen in the sky, and those chariots charged at the gods taking advantage of the fact that they were distracted playing ‘Ring Around The Rosy’.” And in another ancient text named the “Ostangamesh” we read: “In the sky there was an explosion that lit up the night and made the gods run out into the hallway, barefoot and in their underwear.” And among Native Americans, there is the account of three street gangs of gods who were at war with each other, and competed for control of the illegal trafficking in chocolate and nacho cheese dipping sauce.

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