The patient, on the couch. The doctor behind seated in a chair.

PATIENT: Sometimes I see dead people

DOCTOR: I beg your pardon

PATIENT: There’s a dead man right here

DOCTOR: In this room?

PATIENT: He’s watching us

DOCTOR: Oh, then, do you mean a spirit?

PATIENT: Did you think I was referring to a cadaver? Do you hide a corpse, doctor? If so, don’t worry, I haven’t discovered it.

DOCTOR: It’s a relief. So you see a dead man. Can you describe it to me?

PATIENT: Medium stature. Striped suit. Shell glasses. A great head of hair. Sharp face … Does it remind you of someone?

DOCTOR: Freddy. A former patient. Is here?

PATIENT: Not anymore. It is gone

DOCTOR: Since when do you see dead people?

PATIENT: Since I saw that light in the sky

DOCTOR: Go on. Tell me about that light

PATIENT: It got into my brain. Since then my life hasn’t been the same again. I see dead people, and a rubber ducky

DOCTOR: Are you seeing a rubber duck right now?

PATIENT: No, not now. But it can’t be too far

DOCTOR: Do you like rubber ducks?

PATIENT: Not especially

DOCTOR: And why do you think you see a rubber duck and not anything else? A teddy bear, for example

PATIENT: I see that you are more interested in rubber ducks and teddy bears than in the dead ones

DOCTOR: No, well, it’s not usual to see rubber ducks

PATIENT: Seeing dead people is usual?

DOCTOR: No, of course. That is not usual either. But about seeing dead people there is some literature. Whereas there is no literature about seeing rubber ducks …

PATIENT: I see you don’t believe me. Oh, look! Freddy is back. Do you want me to send him a message?

DOCTOR: Ask him why he didn’t finish the treatment

The patient whispers and listens.

PATIENT: He says it was for a greater cause. He had to leave it when he died. Besides, he no longer needs it, his phobia has disappeared completely.

DOCTOR: I’m glad to hear that. But then, why is he here? What does he want?

PATIENT: He wants to thank you for applying to him the reduced rate

DOCTOR: (Surprised) How-how do you know that?

PATIENT: Freddy just told me

DOCTOR: But are you really seeing Freddy?

PATIENT: See, you don’t believe me

DOCTOR: Well, the thing is that you and Freddy coincided for a while in the office. I thought you might have seen him in the waiting room and you remembered him

PATIENT: And how could I know he was dead?

DOCTOR: Yes, I-I didn’t realize. So Freddy is here…

PATIENT: He says don’t worry about him. He’s fine. At last he has achieved peace

DOCTOR: (Moved) Oh, you don’t know how happy those words make me!

PATIENT: He’s leaving. He says goodbye to you. It seems that he appreciates you

DOCTOR: I’m … The truth is, I’m stunned. You never told me you saw dead people…

PATIENT: Well, I didn’t want to scare you. But seeing one of them here, I thought I should tell you.

DOCTOR: Yes, it’s … It’s something that I should have known. You must have told me from the beginning. This requires a totally different approach to your therapy


DOCTOR: (Alarmed) What? Another dead?!

PATIENT: No, the rubber ducky!

This is a non-profit blog whose purpose is to raise funds for children in need. So if you want to make a donation in exchange for this story, click on this link to UNICEF. I really appreciate it!

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