I can already hear the wailing and gnashing of teeth from my “officialist” colleagues. If it makes any difference, I am also appalled at the news. Actually, it doesn’t even make it to the news category. It’s just a suspicion. There are no witnesses, there are no evidences, but in the Hollywood gossip mill it has been rumored that Stanley Kubrick did not shoot his famous film “2001: A Space Odyssey”. It wasn’t Stanley Kubrick but reportedly Kubrick Stanley who actually shot the movie. There would have been an obvious confusion in the order of the names. Hence Stanley Kubrick’s taciturn nature and the fact that he refused to give interviews. In fact, it seems that he learned he had shot the movie from the press. Naturally, he was surprised, but he did not care because sometimes he forgot things. (He once forgot the umbrella at a Los Angeles barbershop and had to get a flight back from New York to retrieve it.) Stanley Kubrick saw the film in the preview and agreed with critics that it was a masterpiece. However, he was left with a bittersweet taste since anchovy and pineapple canapes were served at the event.

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